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hey all this is a whipped dog high mountain i just got today. i bought it honestly from a member of the forums and he used it few times i never used it. as soon as i got it i knew it would not be for me. it has very soft tips which surprised me. but i just would have to have had it set lower i face lather and it looks like an awesome bowl brush and im sure would do fine on the face also but i prefer much more backbone than this gives. so im passing it on. i have no idea if it sheds since i did not use it myself. i noticed a couple stray hairs that slid out but nothing serious.

the handle is typical whipped dog quality i want to mention that as there are some imperfections nothing super noticable but if you look there are a few marks. i have had this will all my resin handles from larry. i will try to polish them out if you want before i ship it just lmk.

SOLD 20$ shipped cont usa. see pic, note i cleaned a bit of soap residue off the handle off so there was a bit of water drops left

[Image: YtsS5mi.jpg]

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