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I got a pack of menthol crystals from Amazon... Put about 3 crystals in a 2/3 bottle of Pinaud Clubman.


Astra SP 3rd shave
ARKO stick on the face
3 pass WTG, ATG, XTG
Alum after the cold rinse...

Splash with the Pinaud ICE.

WOW, what an awesome shave and great chill after! Awesome, just awesome!

I found that 4 crystals made it a little cooler and I am at that point now.  I believe I want to go cooler, but one needs to go slow, as a little goes a long way! Smile

Weighed the crystal on my powder scale and one crystal was ~1 grain.  So four grains of crystals equate to a nice chill.

Bucharest, Romania
I put 1 grams menthol cristal in 100 ml Pinoud and is ok. It seems the same like Floid Vigoroso.
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I have also experimented with putting crystals in plain Dickinson's witch hazel. I dissolved ~ 7 grains worth in a few drops of 98% alcohol then added to ~ 100ml of witch hazel; has a nice cool chill and great face feel. The smell seems awful to me though, but the odor dissipates quickly. I use it pre and post shave.

(06-25-2015, 10:12 AM)seikosekara Wrote: I put 1 grams menthol cristal in 100 ml Pinoud and is ok. It seems the same like Floid Vigoroso.

One gram is like around 15 grains according to google foo.  Must be chilly!!  Big Grin

Bucharest, Romania
Until couple month ago I didnt like mentholated after shave. 
Then I try an sample of Floid Vigorosso and i realy love the sensation.
After that I prepared all my after shave with menthol crystals.
I read somewhere is ok for cosmetic use a proportion of 0.5-1%
I think I become an menthol addicted .
Unfortunatly in my country we dont have a big range of wet shaving products so I must order from net, special from Europe.
I was lucky to finde in Germany some Osage rub.
I heard is the moust mentholated after shave.
I cant wait to try it.
Please excuse my english!

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