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Philadelphia, PA
I used to have a razor that took wedge blades and happened to have some sent to me by a fellow wet shaver. for no real reason, I decided to take some comparison photos...

[Image: kkzG5Y8.jpg]

[Image: GPAPzvE.jpg]
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That wedge blade is in beautiful condition.

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It can be seen from the photo that a wedge blade is really just a segment of a straight razor. Sharpening and such is quite similar. The blade itself is the "jig" that form a the correct sharpening angle; or close enough so as to not make much of a difference to most folks.

To anyone who hasn't shaved with a sharp wedge blade, they shave differently and require a different technique. The during the shave you might not feel as though you're getting a BBS, but after the shave, after the skin has had time to relax, the hair shaft retreats and the true shave is felt. After 15-20 minutes this will be noticed, or at least that's the way the Rolls works. A sharp wedge blade gives a very nice shave once the technique is discovered. Is a similar technique used with a wedge type safety razor? Anyone?

OK, here it is, at least as best as I can describe the technique with a Rolls razor. With a SE or DE safety razor one uses virtually no pressure. I apply just enough so that the razor doesn't bounce or chatter over my skin, with no inward deformation of the skin. With the Rolls I found that a firm movement, not into the skin, but across the skin was required. It's more of a deliberate slicing motion, yet no pressure into the skin or it will sink in through the cheek and close to the teeth. Obviously that's not the goal. Note: the Rolls Razor is NOT a safety razor. It does have a guard, but it's only there to protect the edge, it's not there to act as a safety razor. I suspect the guard would limit the depth of cut to about 1/4", but I don't call that a safety razor. Many wedge blade razors found today are safety razors.
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Philadelphia, PA
I'll post a photo of the razor I used the wedge blade in tonight...it's a real beauty. in fact, I think ShadowsDad helped me research the razor I used!
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