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Nashville, TN
Has anyone heard about performance on the Phoenix Starling V2? The one using the GEM blades?
I own one. The improvements from V1 with the floating blade design (still unsure if that was intentional) is very welcome. The blade sits snug on the baseplate now.

Purple plate has a medium aggression, could get an easy BBS with it. Green OC is milder for me but still efficient. Very easy to find the angle and guide it throughout the shave.

Only complaint: lightweight aluminum body. Never liked it. I switched out the handle for a heftier one and im on easy street.

Over all, for $40 its a simple and easy gem razor that shaves well. I've had very few cuts and little to no irritation with my favorite blades- Gem PTFE stainless. Hope this helps

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Nashville, TN
Thanks. Think I'll get one when they are back in stock.

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