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Miss The Meet-Up If You Must, But Don't Miss This Scent!

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In an effort to commemorate our most recent Arizona Meet-Up, Fran and I decided to unleash a whopper of a scent, Phoenix Lights! Seems rather fitting too with all this recent UFO buzz, no?

Scent Profile: Citrus, Grapefruit, Jasmin, Woody, Amber, Musk, *Tobacco & Oakmoss
A timeless, instant classic kinda scent!


*Note: Both the aftershave/cologne and EDP contain the extra kick of pure Tobacco Absolute. Both are also steeped in oak cubes for an added rugged depth...it's magical stuff!
But all that aside, this one is for you fine folks, the ones that couldn't make the meet up in person this Saturday! Historically we usually just make meet up releases available at the event, but this time we thought we'd do something special for you all!

Not only that, but Phoenix Lights is a real banger! Believe me when I say people will be talking about this one for awhile, it checks off all the boxes: Warm, calming, musky, masculine, and memorable like an Arizona afternoon down on the ranch! This is probably exactly what John Wayne's Neckerchief smelled like! Note: This is not hype or exaggeration.

We are super stoked for this one folks and we absolutely know you will be too! Keep your eye on the Facebook Fan Page for some impromptu live footage!


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