I'm a sucker for unusual razors, the 1930s and fluted handles , the Permedge hits 2 out of the three .This razor is 3 and five eights inches long and weighs in at 55g , looks to be nickel plated .Manufactured by the United Drug Co. of Boston from 1913 to 1920 , it s a true 2 pc with the handle turning to release the top cap . Haven't shaved with it yet but it is sitting in the rotation waiting it's turn .


[Image: 82H08xa.jpg]

[Image: cq9A62s.jpg]

[Image: Cqf9MWf.jpg]

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Ooo, nice one, Glenn! I'm looking forward to your thoughts on the shave you get from it. Smile

Haven't heard of that kind before, great find Smile

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Not familiar with it either but like the looks and it appears in like new condition.

Great find and look forward to your thoughts on the shave.

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