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I LOVE Eau de Colognes. Especially in the Summer. There’s just something so refreshing, so seemingly stylish about pouring or spraying on a light fragrance on a hot, humid day and feeling like a brand new person. Agua Lavanda has long been my go-to scent for such occasions, but I’ve recently been picking up more and more of them. Hoyt’s is a fun, camphoraceous take with hoodoo ties, and the previously-reviewed Atelier Orange Sanguine (though less a refreshing pick-me-up and more an all-day affair) is a grand masterpiece.

I must confess, though, that I had never heard of Le Couvent de Minimes until someone suggested it for review. I’ve come to learn that the House is owned by L’Occitane and specializes in Grassois Eau de Colognes and shea butter skincare. I figured that the best way to go was to try their most classic and traditional creation and, I must say, I am far from disappointed.

Eau des Minimes opens with a burst of orange, lemon, and grapefruit. The grapefruit lends a sharp, bitter, rind-like character to the opening sweetness and perfectly balances it against becoming cloying or overwhelming. It’s a light, sweet-but-tart, tremendously well-judged opening that lasts just long enough to be pretty and disappears quickly enough that you don’t get tired of it. Once the citrus has receded to the background, EdM presents a lovely, balsamic, elegant rosemary character, likely a result of the use of specialized “rosemary flower” distillations (made by only a few of the best Spanish, French, and Tunisian distillers), which contain no twigs or leaves. These oils tend to lack the harsh, camphoraceous character of lesser grades and are often used in “fresh” perfumes where a high natural content is required or preferred. I think the total global production of rosemary flower oil is below 10 metric tons per year, so it’s not common to see the stuff in an Eau de Cologne, but the inclusion is superbly judged here and helps to keep the fragrance fresh while preventing it from being overbearing or harsh. The rosemary is buttressed by a pleasant floralcy, which the packaging says is violet and Fragrantica says is melissa, thistle, and heartsease (of which I've otherwise never heard). It retains some of its citrusy character throughout the drydown, which helps it remain light, pleasant, and refreshing.

Like many EdCs, Eau des Minimes is nearly impossibly to over-apply and the bottle comes with a handy dandy sprayer to make it even easier to avoid doing so. I sprayed about 10-12 big sprays on my neck and arms and it remained mild and discreet. Remarkably, despite this, it has considerably staying power and I could still smell it about 6 hours later. Overall, one of the best Eau de Colognes I’ve tried and perfect for the hot Summer months. If you’re looking for an EdC, it’s definitely worth a shot.

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Very cool review. I am always impressed with your work on these.

Los Angeles
Another good one! Ordered Blush

Los Angeles
Got mine today, wasn't disappointed! Very nice, aromatic, clean scent.
I had a feeling that I smelled it before, but couldn't put my finger on it, so I had to go into my closet and resmell all my citrusy frags and found what it reminded me off - Eau Universelle by L'Occitane Big Grin
As soon as I smelled it, I remembered that you mentioned the same house and it clicked. Not the same scent, but definitely same profile. I used to love Universelle, just put it away for unknown reason... and I am sure Minimes will be one of the favorites as well. Minimes seems less "synthetic" if you can even say this, very natural.

Thanks for the write up and finding the right words to describe the scent Wink

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