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I was going through a box stuffed with shaving stuff looking for something that I didn’t need and for the life of me I can’t remember. When I came upon Pedal Pushers Fancies/Oakmoss and Sage (this soap came in 2 sizes this soap pictured below is the large), as I remembered it, what a wonderful soap.

Now comes the next thing, this soap needs to be used, needs a brush to bring it alive. So, this morning I lathered up a Brad Sears badger filled my face with wonderful lather (Fancies loads like a dream) used a Jaws with a Wizamet Polsilver and had a wonderful shave. Cushion, glide, with a very invigorating post feel. Now just because something is new does always mean that everything before it is now obsolete. This soap may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it sure isn’t lacking from pizazz.

There are some people who remember back when that one of the owners of Fancies said and did some pretty stupid things (the owners later started Phoenix Shaving/PAA), I do not judge their product because of their stupidity. I will judge the soap on its own merits, and I must say this soap still holds up to scrutiny and passes with flying colors.

[Image: AHNqMQh.jpg]

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I have a tin of this same soap. I will have to dig it out and give it a go. Thanks for the prompting!

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Sounds like my kind of scent!

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The scent is mild and fresh, i,m sure after 7-8 years it's lost a little of its punch but it’s still nice. Over this period of time I was surprised that the soap hadn't shrunk at all, and was still moist not hard. If it had hardened I wouldn't have gotten the lather or shave that I did.

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It's funny you posted this thread because I have the exact same soap and have been meaning to give it another shot so decided today was the day.

The scent of Oalmoss & Sage is a bit strange IMO and have heard more than a few negative comments about this particular scent, but it is not bad at all. The lather starts out with a cottage cheese texture similar to Ogallala but smoothes out with enough water.

Thanks for bringing up this forgotten soap base!

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I sold all of my products by this maker years ago when the scandal broke and boycott everything else he has brought to market since (PAA, CK, etc.).
I DO remember what he did, and I won't forget. Scoundrels like him won't ever get my money.
For those of you who don't know (or choose to forget) the sordid history, just Google search "Douglas Smythe scandal" and revel in the pages of results. The internet never forgets either.

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They have continued making products and remain accessible if you need their help or want to ask a question. Through it all over the years, if you had a chance meet Douglas/Eric and Francis, you could make a judgement call based on that interaction. The internet doesn't forget all of the pockets in shavedom that are less positive. Bijou, I applaud you for your post as I know you are active on other forums that I frequent as well. But when I saw this post, I wondered if you chose to be selective on which forum you could have posted this on. Happy shaving and excellent photography as usual Bijou. Cheers

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I posted this discussion on Damn Fine Shave, ATGshaving and The Shaving Nook, the Shaving Nook immediately took it down, I thought that was silly. I don't post much on B&B it's a sea of chaos over there. I have also found over these many years, many meaningful discussions get hijacked on that board, to nutty over there.

Please I don't want to change the discussion on this thread I didn’t expect many posts just some discussion about shaving items from the past being rediscovered.

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I never got a chance to try the Pedal Pusher Fancies brand, but I just finished an 8 oz tin of the original HTGAM/Synergy The Beach soap. I believe it was the same, or very similar formula. Oakmoss and Sage sounds like a nice combo.

Doug and Fran still make excellent products.

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Ahhh one of Fran's classics! So happy to hear you are still enjoying it brother! Shave on my friend!

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