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A little background. I started shaving with DE razors twenty years ago. My first SE was the Mongoose. I liked it. I didn't love it. Eventually, I bought an ATT SE 1. I liked it. I didn't love it. Then I found a Gem on ebay and bought it and some Ted Pella blades. I loved it. But, for reasons I don't recall, not enough to not go back to my DEs.

About six or seven years ago I learned to use a straight razor--the ultimate SE. Then I fell hard for Feather Artist Club and Kai razors, which I prefer over straight razors for a bunch of reasons, including the ease of maintenance.

Eventually I bought a Vector and fuhgeddaboutit! Some of the best shaves ever. 

When Supply started making a lot of noise with its injector razor, I bought one. I didn't like it. It went unused for a long time. I tried it again recently. Even with the mild plate, I got a face full of weepers, a gash in my chin, and a sore face. This razor is supposed to be idiot proof. Well, not for this idiot. 

Still, I was intrigued when I saw Ken Surfs review the Parker Injector. And for a little bit more than thirty bucks, it was a risk I was glad to take. Maggards got it to me ahead of schedule. So today I showered, lathered up, put in a Chinese Schick, and had at it. On setting 5 there's lots of blade feel and it's very efficient. Some would say aggressive. But comfortable. Setting 1 I found too mild. On 3.5 I had a superb BBS two-pass shave, once WTG and once ATG. (I rarely do a XTG pass these days. Usually I prefer two passes and touch ups.)

I suspect that the Chinese Schick blades are not nearly as good as the Ted Pella or the Schick Proline but I haven't tried the others in this razor. (I tried the blades Supply sent with the razor, which I've heard are Personna or Ted Pella. Didn't help.)

I need more shaves with this but it's a keeper. I like it so much that I ordered a spare from Shavenation (Geo did a great video with it and though I love Maggards, I want to patronize Geo as well.)

If you want to try an injector razor I recommend the Parker. The build quality is okay, probably about the same as the vintage Schicks. It's not a Blackland or Timeless marvel but it's also under $40.00. It's easy to grip even when my hands are wet and I found it easy to put in a new blade. I can see this becoming my travel razor, and my tool of choice when I'm in the mood for an injector. 

Meanwhile, if you have any preferences when it comes to injector blades please chime in. [Image: CTEEsTk.jpg]

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I had purchased an Irving Barber Company shavette-style razor from Maggards a few years ago and tried the all the different blade formats that it could take (half DE, injector, AC style blades). I didn't like injector blades with the IBC so when it was announced, I bought the Parker adjustable injector razor as a way to use up my injector blades. I really like the Parker. It is great for a quick shave that requires little attention. I have tried the Chinese Schicks, Ted Pellas, and Taconic injector blades. I like the Chinese Schicks the best of the three as the other two brands seem to be a bit rough for the first couple of shaves. Maybe I just need to cork the other blades first. Great razor though.

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