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I've been tempted by this brush since watching Geofatboy use it in a video. I like the look of the Chrome handle and the idea of the weight, however I've heard mixed reviews of Parker brushes.

I usually lather in a bowl (from Captains Choice) but then finish up on my face rather than just "painting" on the lather. I like the idea of a softer brush, I currently have an Ambroley Best Badger and a Plisson Synthetic but am wary of getting a mop...

Have any of you tried this and is it worth the $63 price tag?

I have the exact same one. The handle is nicely built, but the brush itself is somewhat floppy, so not really ideal for face lathering. I think it would have been a better design if the knot was set deeper in the handle. The knots are pretty dense, so you wouldn't have any issues whipping up a lather using this brush. I think it's worth the price tag - it carries some heft since the handle is really well designed.

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I use mine regularly and I really enjoy it. The handle is nice and hefty and the chrome looks awesome. One of my go to brushes.

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