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Gatineau, QC, Canada
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Here is my Paradigm Ti-V1 in Premium Mirror Finish I will share it here on DFS..

Now this is done on another level I have taken some extra steps but this is my personal collection my expense from my pocket..

It’s sent to Swizerland to be electro-polished $300 CHF you can convert that to USD currency and then my hand finish material cost me it self $250 USD  not including my time spend on it it!!

Overall I love the way it’s done edges and everything overall it’s nice and crisp the way it should be to that Perfection..

Mind you I’m not a friend of Polishing Ti razors but can do depeding what it is and how it’s been finished they are so many factors involved to it but that’s another subject!!

Anyhow here it is Enjoy the Photos!!

Alan H

[Image: wVVk5ka.jpg][Image: 11p8unh.jpg][Image: IVxHyMm.jpg][Image: PvXWYBz.jpg][Image: qH4PMi1.jpg][Image: F9VAf7b.jpg][Image: no61nSL.jpg][Image: fWsbQGJ.jpg][Image: Jwv80ML.jpg][Image: D9DbyyU.jpg][Image: OLcKqbo.jpg][Image: LW5seOC.jpg][Image: B9gXRUq.jpg][Image: 2Ry4utJ.jpg][Image: Vu8SbeM.jpg][Image: XafKKSs.jpg]

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Nice craftsmanship as always

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Gatineau, QC, Canada
(04-23-2023, 03:52 AM)DanLaw Wrote: Nice craftsmanship as always

Thank You

Alan H

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Great work, Alan. The razor looks lovely.

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Gatineau, QC, Canada
(04-23-2023, 04:23 AM)celestino Wrote: Great work, Alan. The razor looks lovely.

Thank You it was a lot of work put into it and money but worth it!!

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It's been brought back to life.

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Beautifully done Alan, as always. 

Happy   Happy

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Fantastic job on a fantastic razor. Incredible detailed work.
Magic, pure magic!

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