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Seattle, WA (USA)
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I want to start a thread on the Paradigm Salient Razor, as it compares to other razors.  My comparison is between the Salient and the Aylsworth Kopparkant (+ plate), which I used in several side by side shaves.  In order for the Kopparkant to even come close to shave equality with the Salient, I had to add 2 shims under the blade.  And even with 2 shims (raising the blade gap on the Kopparkant to around 1.2 mm), the 0.7 mm Salient gave me a closer and longer lasting shave.  I'd particularly like to hear from Dragonsbeard on how the Salient compares to the Paradigm T1.  By my memory they shave similarly, but my memory is old.  What say you?

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I completed a side by side shave with the Blackbird Ti today. Planning a brief write up tomorrow.

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Chester County, PA
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I think Andy would say there is no comparison to the Ti1.  A much different geometry and he believes the shave is better in the Salient from what I know.

I never understood shimming, if it wasn’t made that way I just don’t get it for a razor.

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Atop the Razor's Edge
Southern California
I own both the Ti I and the Salient, and they are very different razors. The Ti I is for the immediate to advanced shaver and for those who favor a straight razor, but also shave with a DE for convenience—it places precedence on blade feel and being highly efficient. The Salient represents Paradigm's ever shifting progress to a smooth, but efficient, head/blade geometry. I recommend the Salient to the beginner all the way to the advanced shaver.

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Omnia transeunt et id etiam transeat
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The razor is above average in terms of aggressiveness, on the WR2 scale no less than 1.25. The Feather blade was sharp+ for me. There is no feeling of aggressiveness or danger, but I feel how the blade works when shaving.

I have no questions about polishing the new Paradigm! For the money, a very worthy machine with a well-known name.

Considering the collaboration with Grooming Dept (this is a real premium among soaps), the quality of production, packaging, the prestige of the brand and its liquidity, as well as the price, I consider this a profitable and successful purchase.

P.S. The downside (as a Paradigm lover) is that the design does not feel the continuity of the Paradigm style. Paradigm razors have always been different from the rest in their style.

[Image: 9xOGhEO.jpg]

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Any preference for the polished or satin finish?

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Omnia transeunt et id etiam transeat
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For me personally: the polished handle gives the Silent razor a classic look and makes it look more respectable.
Satin is a fashion trend...

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Omnia transeunt et id etiam transeat
but in photographs of DFS members, the Silent razor in satin looks very respectable. I would like to see this razor in satin in real life.

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Myself, not a fan of satin aesthetic.

However, wondering if satin finish adds a bit of marginal grip to the handle.

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Loyal Order of the Overlander; Advocates of Athena. 
Leaning toward the polished..

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