Chester County, PA
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There will be a pass around of a Paradigm Ti Diamondback limited to the CONUSParadigm Shaveware  thank you for helping to put this together for the members.

Since there are many of you on the pre-buy list and it looks like a little while away from shipping, the timing is probably pretty good.  

Simple House Rules: 
  • Hopefully you are a long-term participating member but if not and I know you it is fine to sign up
  • Please give your feedback with a few pics and write up of the razor
  • Try not to keep it more than a week
  • Keep it like new
  • Clean and disinfect before sending to the next person
  • Always use a washer (m5 nylon)

Any questions just reach out to me.

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Sign me up Mike.

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I would love to participate. Thank you!

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I would like to join up.  Have never tried any Paradigm products

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Chester County, PA
(06-09-2024, 02:36 PM)bayourider Wrote: I would like to join up.  Have never tried any Paradigm products

Efficient and smooth it is a great razor. Most people love it.
I'd love to be in! Sign me up. Thank you, Mike!

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I certainly would like to sign up... have heard and read much, came close to hitting the buy button... may this be the catalyst.

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