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Sorry for the short notice. We plan to release 28 new brushes tomorrow (Saturday), September 14 at 2:00 Central. Front side photos can be previewed in our Flickr Gallery here:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/141014234@N04/albums/72157710829034701.

Note that five of the Chiefs are Big Chiefs (i.e., 30 mm), each of which has a special backside engravings as shown below.

[Image: 010BT-A01-I19-BACK_zps0f9tcgcb.jpg]

[Image: 010SM-A01-I19-BACK_zps2utt9e0a.jpg]

[Image: 010KR-A01-I19-BACK_zpsf3icoj4x.jpg]

[Image: 010MJ-A01-I19-BACK_zps2jhwvoam.jpg]

[Image: 010VS-A01-I19-BACK_zpslusyk2gj.jpg]

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