Movember Lot #2 is LIVE! Make your bids here!!

2019 DFS Movember LE - Viking Shaving Brush. Read more here!!

We have a dozen new Ebonite-handled brushes slated for release tomorrow (Tuesday) night. Flickr is acting up, so I'll include the photos below.

[Image: 028E21-A02-F19-FRONT_zpsu4neikwn.jpg]

[Image: 086E2-A01-F19-FRONT_zps2tcsbs96.jpg]

[Image: 028E19-A01-F19-FRONT_zps68flad3e.jpg]

[Image: 108E6-A01-F19-FRONT_zpsibbd4xle.jpg]

[Image: 028E23-A01-F19-FRONT_zps60dyw6vb.jpg]

[Image: 196E4-A01-F19-FRONT_zpsqjyhpcxe.jpg]

[Image: 196E5-A01-F19-FRONT_zpsu1qcv0rq.jpg]

[Image: 196E6-A01-F19-FRONT_zps06o7erac.jpg]

[Image: 196E7-A01-F19-FRONT_zpszc7qh1nd.jpg]

[Image: 116E2-A02-F19-FRONT_zpsrdm2myh4.jpg]

[Image: 196E21-A01-F19-FRONT_zpsxpjzrxvx.jpg]

[Image: 196E22-A01-F19-FRONT_zpskrbrpknu.jpg]

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