Release time for the Moes has been posted: https://www.paladinshaving.com/pages/201...event-page.

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Some macro shots:

[Image: PA131109ws1240_zpsibdlpk34.jpg]

[Image: PA131103ws1240_zps4iiqtxju.jpg]

[Image: PA131105ws1240_zpsxq3rjtd9.jpg]

[Image: PA131104ws1240_zpskbtki8ea.jpg]

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The Ivory and Phantasia Falstaffs will go up at 8:00 Central tonight (Monday). We plan to release the Butterscotch and Vesuvius Falstaffs tomorrow (Tuesday) night at the same time.

Note that the Falstaffs all have bats engraved on their front sides as well as the back-side engravings.

Here's the link again: https://www.paladinshaving.com/pages/201...event-page.

[Image: 038IV-2019-J19-FRONT_zpseeq6a1ki.jpg]

[Image: 038PS-A02-J19-FRONT_zpsnrvb69pn.jpg]

"G5" in the photo above should be "G6".

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The Vesuvius and Butterscotch Falstaffs will be released tonight (Tuesday, October 15) at 8:00 PM Central.

The 28 mm Sherlocks will be released tonight (Wednesday, October 16) at 8:00 PM Central.

[Image: 048IV-001-J19-backws_zpsu6okgvxq.jpg]

[Image: 048VS-005-J19-backws_zpsuzy5bxq8.jpg]

[Image: 048PS-002-J19-backws_zpsiiaz4xgd.jpg]

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[Image: PA131104cws_zpsgpyoyxlf.jpg]

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Some nice detail on those engravings
- Jeff

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