Check out the PALADIN Halloween offerings!
I’m in.

[Image: nkrboCX.jpg][Image: 43ypngN.jpg]

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Is there any consensus on my synthetic knot? I didn’t think they offered them.

Not sure I understand.
I have 2 different synth brushes from Ken.
They’re both very good knots.
The 2nd version that is being offered lately is the better of the 2.
They’re still synth knots and not as good as his excellent select badger knots.
[Image: W8uxhir.jpg]

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Thanks Patriot
Is it similar to the Evo or the new G5, or any other type?
Not that I need another brush. Still, those Paladin handles are lookers.

I’ve never used the Evo or the G5.
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Gentlemen, share the experience on synthetic knot B3?

How it to you in comparison with other synthetic knots (Plisson, Simpson, Muehle)?

In what a difference between: K7 and F8?

In what a difference between F7 and K7?

In what nuances?

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