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Has anyone received a brush from their latest release with this new hair grade? If so what are your thoughts?
I should have my brush , unless the USPS decides to give it a tour of the midwest again!

I have a PK-47 in with the new knots. If I were to use one word to describe these knots it would be "plush." Thes knots offer medium density. They gave great flow through. They have slightly less back bone than previous offerings but are by no means floppy. The tips are very soft. As Ken noted, my knot lost several hairs with the first few uses. I used it for the 4th time today and the shedding has stopped. I think Kens description on "knot notes" is spot on.

"The hair, free loft, and density of the 2CH3K4 knots I’ve use-tested so far just about exactly suit my personal preferences in terms of performance and feel. I’d say they have borderline gel tips, with a slick but not gooey texture when wet. Lather production and release have been efficient. The tips feel soft to me but with enjoyable presence (i.e., not moppy). I’ve experienced no scritch from face lathering with them. Of course as always, mileage is bound to vary."

This is another great offering from Ken.

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Northern NJ
Thanks. The one apaladin I owned was awesome in its own right...I just prefer a little less dense and a little less backbone with softer tips. It seems this new batch may offer that but just on the fence about losing hairsalthough I understand that this happens with most knots to an extent.

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See blog post re new knots here: https://www.paladinshaving.com/blogs/bro...h3k4-knots

If this is inappropriate to post here, I hope a mod will move it to the Paladin Shaving thread in the Merchant's forum. Given the subject of this thread, however, it seemed most responsible to post here.

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(12-04-2017, 01:44 AM)ChiefBroom Wrote: If this is inappropriate to post here, I hope a mod will move it to the Paladin Shaving thread in the Merchant's forum. Given the subject of this thread, however, it seemed most responsible to post here.
ChiefBroom, I agree that the link was good information to have here on this thread, as it is so relevant to the discussion.

In this case, I think the information would be good to have available on the merchant thread, as well, so I’ll make a little cross-reference there. Thanks for keeping us posted! (And sorry to hear about the issue — hopefully it will turn out all right.)
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ChiefBroom, I just ordered one of your brushes as a Christmas gift for a friend and it is due for delivery today.  It is my first Paladin purchase.  Although it has a different knot than the one you are discussing here, the brush was purchased based on the superb reviews you get here at DFS.  After reading your detailed analysis and what you will do for your customers I am more confident than ever in my purchase.  Thank you for your up front honesty. Happy2

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I want to update my experience with my 2CH3K4 brush. Ken provided a $20 refunded and offered the opportunity to return the brush for a full refund. I choose to keep mine and I am pleased that I did. This knot is a joy to use. It has less density and backbone (by no means floppy) than previous offerings. Flow through is excellent. The tips are very soft while still having some presence..

The shedding has slowed considerably. I lost no hair on use 4. I lost 2 and 1 hairs respectively on uses 5-6 respectively. I think Ken's assessment is correct--https://www.paladinshaving.com/blogs/brooms-blog. I think some of the hairs were trimmed too short and never engaged the glue. They will gradually be lost until all of the loose hairs are gone.

Ken is a class act. He has handled this situation respectfully and transparently. I hope these knots are offered again because I would happily purchase another.

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Any news on when this batch of hair will be released again?
Not sure that batch of hair will ever be released again. However the HB4 hair is outstanding as is the SA5

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