Knothead Brush Works custom brush auction for DFS. Read more here!!


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Set Sold to DFS Member.......Thanks for looking

Twin Brush Handles. Available individually, (#1 - ETSY link below for white top, #2 - ETSY link for black top)  or as a discounted pair. 24mm knot, Height 2 ¾", Diameter 1 ½", Drill Depth ⅝". Used 25mm Bit for variance. Both using Macro Pearl White with Carbon Black. 
Posted on ETSY individually, but if someone here on DFS wants the pair, will sell for both $65.00 shipped CONUS. Normally $40.00 each. If interested, let me know before one or the other is taken. Once one is gone, remaining one will be $40.00.

[Image: toIhlkt.jpg?1][Image: 7XYSjXy.jpg?1][Image: GAB7LLo.jpg?1][Image: 9Q595zp.jpg?1][Image: Hmb9rjd.jpg?1][Image: yFmlqfx.jpg?1]

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Tim, these arrived yesterday and they are striking.  I'm sure my friend will be very happy with them.  Thanks for your help with the order.

[Image: P2p1b9s.jpg]

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