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Hi everyone,

We thought you might like to know that, due to the demand for both, this autumn we'll be offering both Whitechapel and Baskerville as our seasonal soaps.

Pre-order opens on Saturday 1st September, 1200hrs GMT via www.phoenixandbeau.uk

We've changed the artwork on Baskerville to match the raised / textured high gloss red (on matt black) of Whitechapel and it has turned out monstrously good.
[Image: erhbap.jpg][Image: ipbjmw.jpg]

Have an excellent weekend!


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Thanks, Kerry. Will the pre-order be exclusively on your website or will your stockists also be doing the pre-orders?

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boilerphan the pre-order will be via our own site only, thanks for asking.

Kind regards,


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I used Trafalgar yesterday - what a beautiful soap! The performance is as expected from P&B, i.e., excellent and the scent is great. A traditional British fragrance, in my opinion. I really like it. Thanks Kerry.

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Hi Marko,

That's great, thanks for sharing. Trafalgar is my permanent reminder of summer in the UK, specifically on the North Norfolk coastline.

Have an excellent weekend!


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KerryPB Do you know when the Baskerville and Whitechapel will ship?
boilerphan sorry for the massive delay in coming back to you; whitechapel and baskerville pre-orders will ship week commencing 23rd October. Customer will receive an email once their order has been fulfilled.

Best regards,


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