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This year we are launching something new and have created our first ever scent for Valentine's Day. The scent is called Sni Mato, and is inspired by Henri Chatillon's beloved wife, Sni Mato (loosely translated as Bear Robe), the daughter of Lakota chief Mahto Tatonka. Although she died before her time from illness, commemorated by a burial ritual and a pure, white horse in her native Dakotas that was referenced in the posthumous painting that Chatillon commissioned (and was discovered hidden in the floorboards of his attic, as told in Lamplight Penance).

The top notes of the fragrance are prairie flowers native to the homelands of the Lakotas, lily and daffodil. The warm lily and narcotic daffodil meld together with prairie dew, constructed using elements of petrichor and earthy notes. Finally, the base is a period-specific chocolate note, when it was flavored with ambergris instead of milk, making for a more powdery, vanillic chocolate.

It will be released on February 1 for one run only and will be released in aftershave, toner, eau de toilette and an accompanying soap made by (and available through) Declaration Grooming in the Icarus base.

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So looking forward to this release!

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