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As a golfer I collect Scotty Cameron memorabilia. Putters, headcovers, ball marks, golf balls, etc... Will add pictures later.

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Fountain pens. However, I collect most to use, not to store.

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I throw yoyos for a hobby, like this one:


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Its seems like many shavers collect pens. I assume the correlation is the lathe turning of pen & brushes? Just a guess as I make acrylic brush blanks and looking at different sites there's always pen forums and supplies as well.

Cichlids from Lake Tanganyika

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I am a long time collector of vintage toys, from the 1960's through the the mid 1980s.

Some of my favorites are the 1980s GI Joe, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, 1980's Transformers, 1960's-80's metal lunchboxes, Matchbox cars from the Superfast series, Redline Hotwheels, Nylint pressed steel trucks and it goes on and on...

pics to come... Smile

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My 180 tank after months of building to get it setup.

[Image: yrl88Xp.jpg]

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Here are some of my fountain pens.  They range from vintage to modern and from throw-away cheap (both price and how they are made) to pricy.

[Image: XQHjpyl.jpg]

I apologize for the poor photograph.

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