Hello all. Hope this is the right place to ask for suggestions. I have a tub of B&M orange & Cedarwood soap, as well as a Mikes Natural Orange, Cedar & Black Pepper soap inbound. I would like to hear suggestions for an aftershave to go well with these scents.

Traditionally I have been a balm user, but lately I've been using alcohol based splashes. I've not smelled the Fine orange AS and I wonder if that's an option.

Let's hear your thoughts!

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This is a tough one, I would recommend the Fine L'Orange Noir as mentioned.

I think PAA did an Orange Cedarwood aftershave but I have never tried it.

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I would like to add a second vote for L'orange Noir! It's a great scent that has some nice staying power and should pair nicely with either of those soaps

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Great! Another I was looking at is the newly released Chiseled Face Santa Paula AS. I am not sure what the orange smells like in it though.

(06-01-2016, 10:48 PM)Red Tipped Cobra Wrote: I've not smelled the Fine orange AS and I wonder if that's an option.

Yes. This is what I pair with Mike's OCBP. Great combo!

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If you want to stick with balms, Loccitane Cedre & Oranger is pretty amazingly scented. It's a "powdery" version of Mike's OCBP, more blended and quite nice.

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I’ve mixed my own cedar/orange aftershave splash the other day.
The ingredients I’ve used were witch-hazel, alcohol, aloe vera, orange oil, cedar wood oil and tea tree oil.
I was thinking about this again the other day a I am a fan of Stirling's Orange Chill Witch Hazel (not sure if he does an aftershave version) which sticks around and is a very good orange scent. You could get that keep it as it is or add a couple of drops of Cedarwood oil?!

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I can always use an excuse to order more Stirling products! Thanks!
I know I'm late to the party on this thread but felt I must opine. I too was in the market for an orange scented ASL and ordered the Fine L'Orange. I was disappointed in the fact that it has zero orange scent in it to me. It is undoubtedly a cologne scented ASL without a hint of orange. I wished I had known this before I purchased it. I read somewhere that Mr. Fine uses a 5% solution in his ASL compared to others that only use 3%. His ASLs could double as a cologne at this strength.

The leg shavers I am in contact with could instantly tell I was wearing a new scent on the days I wore it. It wasnt too strong for them and they found the scent agreeable. So if you are looking for a orange scented ASL to complement or extend an orange scented soap, I would advise against L'Orange. If you are into strong cologne scented ASLs, you may like this one.

As a side note, I like strong natural scented soaps and low key subtle colognes and ASLs. I strongly dislike overpoweringly scented products that announce my presence (or anyone else's) in a room before I am within arms reach of someone. Mr. Fine's ASLs border on breaking my personal code of scent conduct in this regard.
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