We have a small camp in VT. We went up last week to open it up for the season. We drove up on Tuesday, April 26 and there were 4 inches of snow on the ground from a storm that day. Wow.

The snow was supposed to melt right away but it hung around until Wednesday.
[Image: DSIfuKD.jpg]

The days warmed up to 50F but the nights were below freezing. My dogs do not understand the concept of "vacation" and woke me up each day at 5:30 AM. Each morning it was 24F outside.
[Image: BJ4zIUG.jpg]

It was not good fly fishing weather as my line would freeze. But it was good weather to stay indoors and write letters. This is at the start of the process. My fountain pens are all nice and organized.
[Image: iX5AZph.jpg]

I keep 10 pens inked with various bright colors. I like to add little drawings to my letters. Just for fun. Since I need to use all the pen colors it gets a little un-organized. This particular letter was to Freddy.
[Image: d47maR6.jpg]

We had a lovely time. Read, did crosswords, took the dogs for long walks, wrote letters and just relaxed. I did get to fly fish in the evenings.

It was tough to go back to work after that too brief respite.


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Nice to see you, here, Phil and good luck with camp! Smile
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Hey Phil, your letter arrived the other day... the same day I wrote to you. Rolleyes

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As I read the title my mind couldn't help but play Allan Shermans, "Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah" to me.

For those who don't remember it... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9jjiWS__Mp0

It still sounds like a good relaxing time Phil.
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What lake are you on?

I also have a camp in VT

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We are on a small pond near St Jay. It is the uniquely named Ticklenaked Pond.


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(05-05-2016, 03:28 PM)PhilNH5 Wrote: Brenden,
We are on a small pond near St Jay. It is the uniquely named Ticklenaked Pond.

Hmm... don't even want to know Smile

Beautiful images Phil. Also appreciate you keeping the lost art of letter writing front and center.

I am guilty myself in today's world but actually make the occasional effort to send a card or letter out. Would be much more likely to do so more often if I could find a spot like yours to collect my thoughts!

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