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Some will think that these two razors don't even compare, but having tried both I can say that the shave experience is quite similar.

Being on vacation, I'm using the Guard lately. This cheap cart is very very very good. I've used it four times so far and it still going strong. No problem whatsoever.

They both have a pivoting head. About the OneBlade, in order to "enable" the pivot you have to ask pressure. This can lead to irritation. This is not the case with the Guard.

The price difference is huge. Let's put the razor price aside. The FHS blade costs about $0.65 each, while the Guard cart costs $0.25 and shipping is free. The latter lasts a lot more shaves. I could get only one excellent shave with the FHS. The second was good and that's it. I had to change it. This is one of the main reasons I sold the OneBlade. Blade cost and availability.

Material is different. SS vs Plastic. As a result, the weight of the razors differs as well.

I do two passes. One WTG and one XTG. I don't care about the ATG, my neck doesn't like it. The shave with both razors is quite similar. I get the same feeling. The first time I used the Guard I said to myself you remember that feeling...

Anyway. I really think that this cheap Gillette razor deserves a try. It will probably save you a ton of money.

If you have tried both, I'd like to read some thoughts.

Having both, I feel that both are great for different reasons. Although the FHS blades are only good for a shave or two and is on the more expensive side, one can modify a GEM blade which will last multiple shaves. The Oneblade will shave closer going against the grain, where the Guard falls short with ATG. In terms of aesthetics, the Oneblade is head and shoulders above in looks and feels better being made of stainless steel; -albeit at a higher price tag. The Guard IMO is the best Gillette made cartridge razor. The coating they put on the blade lasts and lasts. Folks in India have used the same cartridge blade with over a hundred shaves! I use the Guard to shave the back of my neck and for travel. The Oneblade gets used way more often at home.

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I also have both and am very impressed by both. Let's face it, the whole idea of shaving is to get a good, smooth, effortless, and comfortable shave, and both does that remarkably well. I am one of those folks that have always modified Gem blades for my Genesis (and Core when I had it). I think I used the FHS blade just once to see what it was like and now I keep it around just as a guide for when I notch my Gems. I get a lot more shaves that way, which does take care of one of the negatives with the Genesis. It still don't come close to the 20+ shaves I get with my Guard. Even though the Guard is not in my regular rotation at home, it is still within reach as my "finisher" - for when my shaves from some razors turn out less than BBS. I have another one I keep in my travel kit because that is the best razor for travel. It is TSA friendly and light and if I forget it somewhere, well I got to spend $2 to get another one.

It is hard to believe that both razors are extreme opposites of each other, but both have a definite place for me.

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I have both, but I have yet to use the Guard. I purchased a few G guards after watching an avid OneBlade fan, IAMCDB, describe on YouTube why he ditched his OneBlade in favor of the Guard for head shaves. At this point, I can’t compare them because I’ve yet to try the Guard. However, I’ve yet to try the Guard because I enjoy my OneBlade Genesis so much. Like Razorman and gvw755, I use modified GEMS for a typically sublime shave, although the FHS-10s are good for a single great shave. No problem with either blade going ATG effectively.
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