Today was a very, very weird shave.
One side of the Astra SP blade (or the Fatip razor) didn’t cut at all.  
Just pushed the soap around…
Looked to me like there was an edge on both sides of the blade.

The Astra was aligned just fine.
I rinsed the razor often enough.
Got a great shave but needed to touch up a whole lotta face!

[Image: R0H3E72.jpg]

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Defective blades are reasonably common. Try to slice a piece of paper with both edges to see if one side is defective. Obviously you’re probably just going to use a new blade anyway, but it might be fun to know.

Fatips are also notorious for requiring careful blade alignment. Is it possible that it wasn’t aligned quite right?

It’s certainly possible that the blade was not in line.
Unfortunately, I put the Astra in the Spam can blade bank.
I checked it, but as I’m reminded every day, I’m a sexagenarian.
Hell…I’ve walked around for days with my fly open.
I don’t pull out the Fatip often, but I’ve never had alignment issues with it before.
I’m blaming it on P&G.  
Partly because I think it was their blade and partly because the Fatip is Italian and I don’t want to piss them off.

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