A long long time ago in a shaving den... down the hall, I tried some Arko shaving cream, actually it was the first stuff I ever owned since it came in the starting kit I had bought from Shave Nation. Well, of course at the time I was new to whole idea of wet shaving and I was terrible at making lather, but I was too stubborn to think this so I blamed the Arko. I knew I COULD do good lather because I was getting a great lather from Mama Bear's soaps that I had bought and loved, and finished and bought more of Tongue

So, Arko's fault, not mine, without trying again into the bin it went.

Well, that was... 3 years ago and much has changed since then, my technique has improved vastly and still, and always will, keep getting better. So, on the weekend I looking through Italian Barber for some new deodorant to try and some Marvis toothpaste to try(seriously I have been wanting to try this stuff forever and never ever remembered until now to get some! Tongue). So I did, but, since buying three things isn't enough, and it's free shipping over $60(I'm a sucker for that lol) I peeked around a little more.

I bought three other things; Lucky Tiger facewash(because I love the Tiger!), Col. Conk Almond shaving soap(again, have been wanting to try forever never bought), and a tube of Arko Moist! Big Grin

The Tiger and Conk I haven't tried yet, but the Conk I did melt down into an old coffee mug so I can lather it easier as I didn't have a container to put it in otherwise. I'll use those two later.

But the Arko, well, I had to shave tonight so I busted it open and, well, it wasn't Arko's fault 3 years ago, it was mine! This stuff worked very well, I didn't bowl lather, I put a blob of the cream directly on my brush and put to my face and lathered from there. Very quickly I had a good lather going, and the shave and post-shave were great! I'm supper happy I decided to give Arko another chance, it and my Lucky Tiger(notice a pattern here? Tongue) Shave Cream will be there when I don't feel like blooming, or soaking, or whatever with a puck soap. For when I just want to put brush to face and lather and shave and done, good for a quick and tidy one pass shave to keep life going lol

So, that was a lot of talk for little info, but, have any of you ever gave a second chance to a soap you disliked before? Why did you not like it before? Was it the same the second time around? Was it amazing instead and now you love it?

(and if this a repeat of a thread I didn't see, I apologize)

Lethbridge, Alberta
I had that experience with Henri et Victoria actually. My first didn't produce the greatest lather, but then I realized upon using another soap that the brush I was using at the time wasn't performing that well. Cleaned the brush, (and tried another brush in the meantime) and after that it was fantastic, and still is to this day. I never toss a soap after one bad use though, I always try again. Even just a test lather. I don't keep very good track of how often I clean brushes or when I hone my razors, I just use them and then realize after a while that they aren't performing as well. I don't add too much organization to my shaving routine. There is enough of that in the rest of my life.
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