I have seen the reviews of the S-Brushes on YouTube. The ones I saw said the smaller version was better than the Pro (larger) version. I respectfully disagree. I bought the Pro version at Italian Barber for $7.99. I also own the Pro Board hair. I am a fan of that style and the S-Brush Pro is awesome. It is like a fully broken inj boar hair with planty of soap gathering loft. It used it this morning with PAA CAD in the big 8oz tin and it was loaded almost immediately and created a great lather in about 30 seconds. Plenty of lather for my 4 pass shave. IMHO this brush, for 8 bucks is a winner on all counts.

By the way, I own 2 of the smaller size and they are great for traveling and also are superb for lathering both hard and soft soaps/creams. I have the wood handle and the plastic. I love these brushes.
I with the majority in that I much prefer the small S-Brush knot (S10065) to the larger S-Brush knot (S10108). That's more because I face-lather 99% of the time. The smaller knot has really soft tips with a splay/backbone that stays on the scrubby-side of the spectrum. On the other hand, the larger knot has been assigned for use with a bowl. It sounds strange but the longer loft knot just has way too much backbone and it resists splaying. The bristles/hairs/strands tend to move in one column. IMO, far from ideal when facelathering but the brush really shines when bowl-lathering. I can speed up the wrist action and pressure in a bowl to easily generate fantastic lather. Which is better? Just depends on your lathering preference.

Also, take a look at their pictures on IB. My two brushes look exactly the same as their pictures - It is interesting that the smaller brush has a knot that is fan-shaped which might explain its willingness to splay more. The larger brush has a knot that goes straight up into the air (less fan-shaped), hence the higher resistance to splay.

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