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Hello to everyone. I just wanted to introduce myself and present my work that will maybe be interesting to you.

My name is Olivera Klikovac and I am a potter with primary focus on porcelain tableware but couple of years ago I was making handles for Mr Britva knots. As many of you know, he would skilfully assemble them, often using badger hair, resulting in exquisite artisanal luxury brushes for wet shaving.

Although we currently live in different countries and can't continue our joint work, I've decided to periodically craft small batches of handles. This way, you have the opportunity to purchase them separately and assemble your own brush.

If you're interested, you can explore the available handles on my webpage [/url][url=https://oliveraklikovac.com/en/collections/shaving-brush-handles]here. Feel free to reach out if you have any specific dimensions or requirements in mind. 


Also, I would appreciate any advice and comment.


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