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Oleolith LCC is the technical name of Lavender - Calendula - Chamomile macerated or infused oil DIY.
An infused oil is the product of the extraction of one or more oils from plants and spices containing fat-soluble substances.
This product is used as a pre-shave oil, and is soothing, sebum-normalizing and disinfectant.

Excellent for impure or chapped skin ... by blade.  Wink
Infact I created it (as pharmacist) when I was a straight razor newbie.
It is very helpful.
 Big Grin  Big Grin  Big Grin 

I personally after a few attempts use a mixture of:
50% Sweet almond oil
20% Jojoba Oil - also acts as an antioxidant
30% Wheat Germ Oil *
Before I did it in equal parts, but the cost was much greater at equal quality.

* Tip:
In case it is difficult to find Wheat Germ Oil, in the supermarket there are valid and cheap alternatives, as seed oils rich in Vitamin E.
Good choice is the common sunflower oil, or mixed seed oil.

There are two production methods:
• hot
• cold
I use the second one, the easier.
I put in my 1lt dark glass container the three types of dried flowers (Lavender 30%, Chamomile 40%, Calendula 30%).
Then I cover everything with the cold oil mixture, until there is no empty space in the container.
Mine is made of dark glass with a watertight lid and greenish-colored gasket, to protect against ultraviolet degradation.
The ingredients are easy to find in herborist's shop and pharmacy.

During the day I leave it in the sun, at night it is better to keep in the dark in a sheltered place.
I stir it every day to help exchange / extraction even several times a day. I do it morning and evening.
After 3-4 weeks, filter and squeeze well, at first with a strainer and then with nylon stocking.
Let it rest covered only with a clean rag for another day, in order to let evaporate any water deposited.
Last thing, re-filter any residual poses.

Totally natural product, with excellent yield and good stability.
It is advisable to store the container in the dark and in a cool place (fridge for many months).
You can part in small quantities, just what you need.
I use a 50ml bottle with a dropper or a flip-top cap.
This will allow you to keep it for many months. Even a year.
Especially considering the use of a few drops (4-5 drps) each time.
Better to apply on wet hands to spread and transfer to the face.  Wink

Definitions and examples

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