East Central Florida
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Greetings to all! As the title says, I'm a longtime DE wet shaver. I learned on a hand-me-down OC DE razor. Probably a Gillette of some variety. The experience have made OC razors a NO-GO with me. 

I currently have a RazoRock Game Changer 84-P SB and a RR Lupo .95 SB. Both are made from premium 316L stainless steel and are CNC machined to tight tolerances. I also have a few handles. Specifically, RR "Barber Pole", RR "Thin-Bar" and RR Ti "HALO". So far, my favorites are the "Thin-Bar" and the Ti "HALO". Although, I really like the "Barber Pole", too. As you can see, I'm kind of a RazoRock fan.

I've used numerous blades over the years. My current favorite are Astra SP. I purchase 100ct and use each blade 5 times. I think I get good performance (DFS, CCS, BBS) at an affordable price. 

I also like Proraso "Green" products. I love the feel and smell of Menthol and Eucalyptus. Currently, my Den includes Proraso Green Pre-Shave, Shave Cream and Aftershave. 

I like to use 'Shaving Scuttles' and have two. My brush is a Parker BCPB brush I've had for 13, or more years. An exact replacement is available in the closet, when needed.

I'm not a 'collector'. I don't have any vintage razors, at least none that survived. I prefer modern, stainless steel CNC machined razors. 

Thanks for letting me join, I'll try not to annoy anyone.

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Great to have you with us.

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Just Here for the Shaves
Williamsburg, KY
Big Welcome to DFS from Kentucky

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This post by Dave in KY mentions views and opinions expressed and makes it known that they are "those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of DFS or any other member, agency, organization, employer or company."  Big Grin

New York
Welcome to DFS!

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Posting Freak

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Love, Laughter & Shaving  Heart

Posting Freak
Glad you joined in! I’m a big fan of eucalyptus as well. And bay rum  Big Grin

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San Diego, Cal., USA
Welcome to DFS.  It's good to have you with us.  Nice introduction, by the way. Happy2

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Welcome to The forum.
    Razorock sure does make some nice gear for a good price range. It's always nice to see when they come up with a new razor too.

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