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(01-31-2016, 02:07 PM)alphege Wrote: My shave is better when I wait a little past 24 hours.

This is what I believe.

Then the shave seems excellent.

Might be because it gives your skin time to relax and heal from the last shave. I know I find it's best I only shave every two days, if I try and shave two days in a row my second shave doesn't feel like it's done any good and my skin is more easily irritated.

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The thing about the "blah" shaves, one of which prompted my original post here, is that they're not really awful; I like to think I have the experience now that I don't make the sort of mistakes I did when I was starting (bad irritation and burn, many nicks, tugging, etc.). Instead it's when a few things are off just enough that the whole doesn't add up to the sort of pleasurable experience we enjoy with wet shaving. Oddly, I find that more frustrating than the trouble I had when learning, because at least then I knew it was to be expected!
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