I am curious. What is your most efficient razor that you can shave with daily? Runners up?


What razor will you never sell?
My new stainless steel Karve 4 in.D blade razor!Its the best razor I have.

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1. BlackBird, while incredibly efficient, very gentle on my skin. The blade feel might be intimidating at the beginning, but I find it to be extremely good for my skin. And it looks dope.

My other favorite razors aren't as aggressive, but I enjoy them, nobody is judging my 100% bbs vs 90% bbs. 34C, cg level 2, game changer 84 are some.

34C and BlackBird - never selling any of these.

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I'll tackle the last question, "Which razor will I never sell?"

This is a hard one, but I'm pretty sure I'll never sell my Hybrid Tech. I promised myself I'd never sell my Fatboy, but I am using it less and less now and I could foresee a time when I might sell it.

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RazoRock 0.84 Game Changer. It's just super smooth regardless of what blade I put in it (primarily Astra SPs) and plenty efficient for me. No need for ridiculous blade gaps for this mug. If I had any runners-up, they would be the Karve D plate for the same reasons as the GC except a little more blade feel or the Wolfman WR2 0.95. But I won't be buying one of those because it's way out of my price range especially with the recent increases.

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- Jeff
R41. Although I can’t really shave with that beast daily.

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I will never sell my Paradigm original Ti or my RS10 Ti
My most efficient razor that I can use daily would be a close tie between the Tatara Nodachi and the Wolfman WR2 1.45 Ti

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For daily razors less than $100:
RazoRock GC .84, RR Lupo, Timeless Aluminum, EJ 3one6, Rockwell 6c, etc.
They are pretty efficient and smooth shavers. You will not be disappointed with any of them.

Expensive efficient daily razors:
CG LVL2, Timeless .95, RS10, WR1 around .74, WR2 around 1.05, BBS-1, Paradigm 17-4 etc.
These razors are pretty good but they are so expensive.

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timeless 95, but the first few days are rough.

Chicago, IL USA
Let me preface by saying I have the facial hair of a 14 year old so shaving daily is not a thing for me, it’s more like weekly shaving with an extra day because I like being fresh/clean.  I have fun during the shave too using the coolest hardware, music, usually a fun sipping beverage and interacting with some really decent ppl in the forums.  

Having said that:

Razor I could probably shave with daily: CG Level 1, aesthetics I enjoy SS/Copper the most

Runner up to CG: Gillette NEW Short Comb on a fun handle 

Razor I could never sell: R41 2011 which was a gift from my bro and the one that started it all, but the handle sucks; choice handle on the Mühle would be a 101mm Blackbird

My Brass General has a special place and I don’t think I could ever let it go, I enjoy using it and I don’t think I could ever sell it.  I do like pairing it with different Brass handles 

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