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(07-25-2018, 02:46 PM)Marko Wrote: I guess this post is going to go a little against the grain of this thread so far which praises the Noble Otter shaving soaps quite highly.  That was the reason I finally acquired a tub from Top of the Chain - I tried the Nectar Amissa yesterday.  It lathered well and went on in the normal fashion.  I was not impressed with the scent either on the tub or in the lather - it was very mild and rather nondescript in my opinion.  From the description I was expecting more.  Those of you who know me will know that I like my soap to smell like something.  I may or may not like a given scent but (virtual) absence of scent is unforgivable and whats gone "amiss" in this soap is the scent of the nectar.  I was using the Rockwell 6s on plate #5 with a (second use) Polsilver SI but after going over my left cheek on the first pass I switched out to plate #2 as I didn't get the feeling that this lather was up to the aggressiveness of #5 and I had no desire to lose any blood that day.  #2 is a pretty mild shaver and I finished off with no issues - nice face feel post shave, however, the combination of not enough scent and not enough slick relegates this tub to the box of unloved products.  Who knows?  Maybe I was having an off day but I've got so much excellent soap to use that its hard for a new soap to crack the lineup.

Marko, I received a sample of Barrbarr in a trade and I had a similar experience to yours. Lather was good, nothing phenomenal but the scent is so light you can barely smell anything. What I can pick up on smells faintly of a cinnamon cookie. Definitely not what I was expecting after reading all of the comments saying "this is the best barbershop scent I've ever smelled!" I'm now glad I didn't make a blind purchase of a full tub.
Agreed on the cinnamon cookie. It actually smells like a very faint version of Eufros Zanzibar. Probably one of the most generic scents Cody makes and definitely my least favorite. But performance is good and it will be a soap that will get plenty of use this winter.

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Man, it seems the reviews are divided right down the middle on this soap!! Confused
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(08-11-2018, 04:38 PM)BPman Wrote: Man, it seems the reviews are divided right down the middle on this soap!! Confused

Which makes it like EVERY other soap...

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