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For sale Two Gillette flare tip superspeeds with cases and blade holders

$35 each shipped CONUS OR $ 60 For the lot.   Paypal FF

Tan case with Schick blade is a F-3  - TRADED
Red case with Gillette blade case is a A-1

These are both in good condition.  Twist to open works fine. They each could use a detail polishing. The cases are in good shape. With normal light scratches. The blade cases are aged. The Schick case appears to still have some unused blades inside.

Will consider trades
More photos available if needed

[Image: 97dd6ab1555e131cf00178ea802fcf01.jpg][Image: 5079e50858ee73d02163a4a6425f6d1e.jpg][Image: 551c184ab81ac27f1e6836263d1f531e.jpg][Image: 9800f22ed97992a4919eca1dc0084951.jpg][Image: 79ce6915b37c75ee0e34cb601645f545.jpg]

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Still available... Will consider trades as well

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