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for those of you who shave at night (myself included, typically), do you apply your aftershave balm or splash after your shave or do you wait until the morning?  usually when I shave, it's very late at night - I shaved at 2am this morning.  after my shave is done, I'll clean off my face and then apply tend skin followed by unscented witch hazel after the tend skin has dried.  

I usually do not apply any balm or splash as I don't want my pillow getting greasy and such.  when I wake up, I'll apply my balm or splash.
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Night shaver here, and a balm guy. I always apply the balm after the shave, sometimes the following morning too after a shower if I had a particularly rough shave the night before.

I shave at about 6-7 pm my time, so I still have 3-hours more or less before I go to bed.

I shave about 11pm here and I apply my Balm or A/S when my shave is finished. Sometimes I will reapply if necessary in the morning if it was a tough shave.

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I work a late 2nd shift then shower and shave after, so it ends up being 02:00-04:00 when I shave. I do the whole ritual and finish with AS/balm for the day. I find that this helps keep my skin in good shape after the shave. The AS/balm is absorbed or dry by the time I go to bed. I rarely re-apply AS/balm when I get up from bed. I normally do apply a moisturizer like Cerave once I'm up to start the next day.
I shave at night before my shower. A habit learned from my Active Duty days. (I can go straight to coffee and food!) I usually wear a LIGHT AS or balm in the winter at night. Like you Andrew, I dont want to smell last nights AS on my pillow tonight. I use the stronger ASLs in the morning. I still get a nice alcohol kick even if it 7 hrs since I last shaved.

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(06-28-2016, 10:06 PM)olschoolsteel Wrote: I shave at night before my shower. A habit learned from my Active Duty days. (I can go straight to coffee and food!)

I wish I could do that, but I've been accused of not shaving just a few hours after my last shave. Oh well.

As for me, I shave my head at night and at the least apply witch hazel, and maybe some Osage Rub. Sometimes I apply a more aromatic AS, just because.

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During the summer I shave at night most of the time because:

A. I'm out in the heat for a good part of the day, often sweating, so any post shaving irritation flares up, which both looks and feels lousy.

B. I don't want to put sunscreen onto just shaved skin, because, irritation. Hmmm, maybe I'm just a really irritable guy......


C. I'm showering before bed anyway to get the sweat and pollen off, so that I don't transfer that to my bedding. And,  since I shave after showering anyway, it seems logical.....

Wait what was the question again?

Oh yeah: I do apply AS splash or balm at night after shaving because I want maximum healing overnight, due to A and B.  Typically I'll use one of my weaker smelling/shorter lasting AS at night, so I rarely have any issues with my bedding retaining scents.

If I use a balm I apply sparingly and, if possible,  allow some time for it to absorb/dry before bed. Mostly I use L'occitane, which isn't greasy, when applied in moderation.

Once it gets cool I shave in the morning more often than not, as post shave irritation isn't really a problem when it's cool out.

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Night shaver. Time constraints, mainly. I dont want to feel rushed through a shave, nor do I want to get up at 4am every day.

I shave around 6-7pm my time, hit the sack around 10-11pm. I do apply splash after my shave. I dont use balms unless I get some bad irritation, but that hasnt happened in a while, so a splash does the trick for me...
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Night shaver here,99.9% of the time after the shave it is Fine's Snake Bite A/S and a dab of 444 for me,the following morning I choose my scent of the day.

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I'm a night shaver as well. I slap on some balm or splash immediately after the shave. Then in the morning I slap on another round of balm or splash after the shower.

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