Fort Smith, Arkansas
I live in Fort Smith, Rod, from Stirling is about an hour away. Friday we drove out to meet with him his wife, his one worker. Rod, is super friendly and we talked a bit too. 

The great thing was that I was able to smell all the great soap he produces. I also had a first hand look at his Synthetic brush, all I can say  is it is impressive. Definitely on need to get list.

On Saturday, waiting at the post office was three packages,all from different vendors. I have a fully stocked den of soaps, there is always room for more soaps. Just like with my fountain pens there is never enough ink.

As try out the various soaps I post a review of my thoughts.

[Image: niEM7t8.jpg]

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San Diego, Cal., USA
Looking forward to your thoughts on these, Brad. Smile
Right now, considering price and performance, it would be hard for someone to convince me that soap commander isn't the best soap on the market priced at under 25.00. I realize that's a bold statement with all the soaps that fall into this price range, but soap commander makes some incredible soap.

Really looking at the Sterling Gin & Tonic

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