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Hi guys!
I just bought a new 28mm silver tip badger off ebay. I've never heard of the company before - Zenith, but I couldn't resist the urge to pull the trigger on this one!
It was made, I believe in Palmerno Italy by a firm making brushes since 1902! Very good workmanship - soft bristles and a good amount of backbone ..... and the price was very reasonable - if your so inclined - look up Zenith brushes on ebay, I think there is only one dealer stateside (I could be wrong) - The pics from my camera don't do justice![Image: xR3ArCc.jpg][Image: 3enTxfQ.jpg]

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Nice looking brush, Jerry. Use it in good health. Smile

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Wow that is one fine brush Jerry!
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haven't heard of the brand before. very nice looking handle!
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