Jozi, South Africa
Yaqi have just released two new Stainless Steel adjustables.

Ultima Open Comb and Ultima Slope (Slant)

[Image: newyaq10.jpg]

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Cool.  Yaqi usually nails the landing on their 2.0 models.  Are these 1.0 or 2.0?

Jozi, South Africa
(02-02-2024, 03:24 AM)ErkRusselReserve Wrote: Cool.  Yaqi usually nails the landing on their 2.0 models.  Are these 1.0 or 2.0?

First version

Jozi, South Africa
[Image: newyaq11.jpg]

My two Yaqi's arrived on Thursday.

First impressions on them. I personally find them well made and their polish is next level, far better than the premium razors that cost us double the price. As indicated a few posts above they changed the profile of the TopCap and I'm still undecided whether I prefer it or not. I don't think that it makes any noticeable difference to the shave, its really just the aesthetics.

For me personally, I find that shaves 3 to 5 on a Wizamet are when the blade is at it's best, so in anticipation of their arrival I had one that had 2 shaves under the belt.
The soaps are both from Master Soap Creations. The bases are the same, its just the scent profiles that are different.

After changing my mind a few times, I decided that I would use the Open Comb first.

The Open Comb shave:
I dialed it to 3 for the first pass, and pushed it up to 4 for the second pass. There is a bit of blade feel, which does translate into efficiency during the shave. I ended up with a great shave after my typical 2-Passes plus some touch-ups shave and couldn't find any missed or skipped spots.

The Slant Shave:
The "slant angle" (which calculates out at 1.32degrees) is so small that frankly I can't see it making any noticeable difference to the shave. I found it pretty much the same as their SB version.
Again I started on 3 for the first pass but moved it up two settings to 5 for the second and "touch-up" passes. It felt pretty similar to the OC shave except for a few of the difficult patches that were not quite there.

For me the best way to tell how good a shave was, is the stubble growth late in the afternoon / early evening.
I found that the OC version gave the closer/better shave.

Future plans:
Of course I am going to over-clock them. Should I find that the bigger gaps improves them, they will then get their own dedicated custom dials - lets see!

These are well priced enough that you can have both and still have bit of change when compared to the premium brands, however.....
Were I were forced to choose only one, you can put my name next to the Open Comb!

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