Just received my new Wolfman WR1 .74 / Darwin from James!  Submitted my name to the list:  April 8, Order placed: August 1, Received razor: August 14.   Ordered top of the line Mirror Polished.  Finish is impeccable!  

[Image: xRXZSHG.jpg][Image: 8gBbOg3.jpg]

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Awesome  Happy2

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The Darwin is really made for that head.
It's lightness and grip, when couple. with a gentle hand
really make short work of any task.
Just used my 0.94 SB with Darwin today. Elated!

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Congrats, very nice combination between the gape choice 0.76 in Open Comb, and you complete it with a magical choice of the head WR1 what a slim and gentle head.

I've placed order three weeks a go, same as your combination but with DC 0.94. my dream aggression.

Enjoy Smile

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how is your 0.74 working out? I am thinking about getting a WR1 DC 0.81/0.54. Can he make both sides SB and will they be easy to tell apart? Thoughts on the gap selection?
He can make them both SB. Larger gap will point to top
of the W.

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Beautiful Razor

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