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So I haven’t been very active in my Merchants Section and my apologies for that. As many know I have a pretty extensive thread going over in Soaps & Cremes and I’ve had some input form members and customers that’s it’s hard to find certain posts about a particular product and the release information.  So I’ll be a lot more active in this section as well as the other thread as I’ve made some good friends over there. 

After getting some inquisitive messages from customers/members on here about new products and upcoming releases i thought id share what products are coming out in the next 10 days to 3 weeks. Of course most of these come with at least a Skin Food Splash but some have other post shave products like Non Alcohol Skin Food Lotion, Revitalizing Serum, EDT’s & EDP’s . Also some scents also come in body and haircare  products like the Shampoo / Body Wash,Bath Bar Soaps, soon to add some new hair care products. 

Also make a new Tallow based Roll -Up  Shave Soap stick in Bay Rum that will be available when all the Bay Rum products are released. 

So here’s some new releases coming soon. Below are short explanations of the products. As each product gets released I’ll post up a different thread about the product with a more detailed description of the products ingredients and Aroma. 

1. Both of these F Base Soaps are next up as they were just made and I’m waiting on labels and then they’ll be shipped to my vendors and we will announce the release date. 

[Image: vLW3WRM.jpg]

[Image: 6iNwDwY.jpg]

2. This will be made this weekend and will include a Matching Skin Food Splash.

[Image: bmgDXrG.jpg]

4. The Derma Boost

is about 2 weeks away and I’m very excited about this skin care product. It is the first product in our new “ Skin Care Collection “ Think of this as Superfood for your skin and also as an additive to increase the skin benefits of your Shave Soaps &  Cremes but more so to add to your post shave products. This is highly concentrated, and comes with a dropper. I’m releasing this in a 30 ml/1oz bottle for now as I’d like people to use it properly. The reason I say this is yes it can be used straight on the skin. It’s benefits to the skin are many and it makes the skin feel amazing but for now I’m focused on getting folks to use it as an additive. I will be coming out with a larger size or as an option in the future.

[[Image: 6gfc2NX.jpg]

5. The next two are ones that’s are very special and personal to me for different reasons. One is in memory and a tribute to my good friend Mark aka ShaveMD who sadly passed away and he was a good ambassador and contributor to the wet shaving community.  He is very much missed!  He called this Aroma Blend Ginger ale and for those that got it the first time it was made most agree with that summary of the scent.

[Image: PSEmy4s.jpg]

This one is a personal thing to me as I’ve always been fascinated this animal and I’ve been donating every year for a long time to help save this magnificent animal. The Tiger has been my favorite since I was a little kid. My aunt lived right next to not only our local zoo but right next door to the woman that was the head of the zoo and many times she’d bring home baby animals like Lions, Bears, Leopards and my favorite the baby Tigers and I got a chance to play with them and it was instant love.  So this release will be exclusive to the ETHOS website. I’ll go into more details on the release and product when it’s made which should be this coming week. 

[[Image: rZRPtjB.jpg]

7. Watermelon Mint is all about a homemade infusion idea I had and it’s becoming a reality.  I think it will be an awesome hot weather aroma blend. It’s all natural and I’ll post more details when it’s close to release which should be in 2 to 3 weeks at the most.

[Image: 3QKCIYW.jpg]

8. Next up are all the Bay Rum products.  New batches of the Traditional Bay Rum that now also includes both a EDT and the new Tallow Based Roll - Up Shave Stick.

Also the release of the new Tortola F Based Shave Soap, an EDT and a Non Alcohol Skin Food Lotion. 

Tortola is one of my go to scents right now so I’m pretty excited and looking forward to having more than a Skin Food Splash in the Aroma

[Image: ekdu3ue.jpg]

[Image: E7KE9Ws.jpg]

Oh and I almost forgot one that I’ll be making and release within the next 3 weeks

An old friend. Fresco. Also in the new F Base.

[Image: pEB7T6G.jpg]

Well these are the latest updates for now. There’s some others in the works for the Fall. Oh and some of these new releases will be available in both the 4.5 oz and 7.5 oz sizes. 

Great Shaves al and if you have any questions please feel free to ask on here or drop me an email using the email address on the ETHOS website as it’s the best way to contact me.

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It makes so much more sense to use this section and individual threads for each scent etc. Great move Frank !

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This post by Dave in KY mentions views and opinions expressed and makes it known that they are "those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of DFS or any other member, agency, organization, employer or company."  Big Grin
(07-24-2023, 10:17 PM)Dave in KY Wrote: It makes so much more sense to use this section and individual threads for each scent etc. Great move Frank !

Thanks Dave

It will be much easier for everyone including myself.

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Honeysuckle !!!!
Take my money. Vendors or just Ethos website ?
When ?

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(07-25-2023, 01:21 AM)Hi Fundzalo Wrote: Honeysuckle !!!!
Take my money.  Vendors or just Ethos website ?
When ?

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The release of the Honeysuckle will be 
Coordinated with a Vendors and ETHOS website so we all launch the product at the same time. It’s only fair way to do it in my opinion. 

Thanks for asking.

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Can't wait for the release of both Bay Rums!

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(07-26-2023, 04:58 AM)ram57 Wrote: Can't wait for the release of both Bay Rums!

I also decided to make both a Traditional and a Tortola EDT.

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