Hello all,

I'm new to the forum, but not to wet shaving as I've been using a cheap VDH DE from Target for the last several years. I never really enjoyed shaving with the VDH, but it was better than using cartridges. 

I decided to explore my options to improve my shave, because if I have to do it I'd like to enjoy it. I picked up some Proraso Red cream and Green pre-shave at BCF, a Bevel Badger brush at Target, then Body Shop Maca Root cream, and aftershave. The VDH still sucked with my Feather blades. I picked up a Timeless TI .68 SB and there's no comparison, the shave was just so much better.

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Welcome to DFS and enjoy your stay.  You are discovering what so many of us have over the years.  You might want to try some of the artisan shave soaps like Barrister and Mann and Stirling, among others.  Once you get the lather down right, and it’s usually not difficult, the results are amazing.  Good luck and enjoy those shaves. Winking

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Welcome to the forum Smile

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Welcome to DFS Ntkt10 !

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Welcome. Smile

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My short list of soaps to try includes TOBS Grapefruit and a Stirling Glacial or BM Terror.

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Welcome aboard Ntkt10! Enjoy your time here.

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Good to have you here on DFS, Ntkt10. Glad you found the Timeless, I love my Titanium OC 0.68 mm. Smile I hope you enjoy the forum!

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