The mail delivery I've been waiting for.

[Image: 6577b7dee1ac7a4c37987532030a5aed.jpg]

I have to admit the smell of the havana is pretty faint in the balm.

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Oooh, is that Alt Innsbruck I see? Still need to get me some of that.

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Nice haul and well worth the wait- let us know what you think!

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Ok so first thing I love the Alt-innsbruck great scent and I can add it over my current post shave not a huge amount of menthol like people have posted ( I didn't feel any) but then again I'm a habitual osage rub user. This is going to go fast so I will order another asap.

The saponificio varesino tundra artica has a slight sting on my face so I will look at trading it for the aromatic fern.

The scent of the pre de Provence 63 is amazing and I'll be using it tomorrow so I'll keep you posted.

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Enjoy your acquisitions. Happy2
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