I am new to DE shaving and just received a gift from one of my family friends. I don't know much about this razor and the gentleman that gave it to me is in his 90's and doesn't remember much on it. It is a slant head razor made by Krectshave made in the US. I would love to know when it was made and if anyone else has one, what they think about it. [Image: 9cf7d2831b3a82ef479985642da4c369.jpg][Image: cf93274cb24934d23c632c2e145c5d32.jpg][Image: aa0ad2da43b5ca70e59554abb5546d4d.jpg][Image: 0b1d1256009c1e43c61ddd211a0abe36.jpg]

Thanks for reading my post.

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Wish I could tell you more but I am unfamiliar with the brand. Looks absolutely pristine though.

Hope others may have some G2 as I would love to learn more- looks very cool!

Cool razor! Unfortunately, I've never heard of the brand either. Hopefully someone will chime in with some info.
- Jeff

Austin, TX
I did a quick Googling and saw a reference that says it was manufactured in Portland, OR in the '30's. Not much beyond that...

It is a slant head razor.

I've never heard of Krect Shave either.

My razor is always something ordinary. But some of the other members may use a slant head razor.

Just wait for some other members.
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