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I was pointed towards a Canadian vendor that I hadn't known about by fellow DFS member WeeScott   www.stonefieldshave.com carries a wide selection of artisan products that I had not heard of before and I'm excited to try some of them.  Jonathan, the proprietor, seems like a decent guy and he is doing a lot to support local artisans in and around his community(Winnipeg) and Canada generally.  While he does carry some of the traditional names, if you're interested in checking out other artisans that you may not have heard of before, then go check him out.   Happy2

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Good to know and thank you.

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Stone Field has a nice selection — definitely worth checking out, especially if you are in Canada.

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Marko : Thanks for the heads up.
Some of those soaps look attractive at any rate. Too bad I'm all stocked up.

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Very Cool nice Variety of Products

Alan H

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