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Hi. My dad was an electric razor shaver and to my knowledge a razor blade has never touched his face.  So my first experience with shaving was a with a Norelco three head electric shaver.  I used this throughout high school and college and then graduated to disposable cartridges for the next couple of decades.  I had no idea wet shaving even existed as a current method of shaving until I came across the shaving forums.  I've been all in with the DE shaving for about a year now, and never going back.  Thanks.

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Welcome from St. Louis.
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Welcome. Smile
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Hello and welcome to the forum.

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Welcome to DFS and enjoy your stay. Smile

Welcome to the forum.

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Great story. Glad to be here with you.
Welcome - sounds like my history

Welcome to DFS from Seattle. Thanks for sharing how you came to traditional wet shaving.

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Welcome. You really can’t go back, can you? Once you have experienced that close shave and smooth face.

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