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South East Texas
[Image: WYeYPNV.jpg]
SOTD 5-28-16
After being in Tulsa Oklahoma for a week, I got home last night to find I had a box from Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements with my AGHARTA shaving gear I had ordered. Folks I have to say PAA out did themselves on this one, AWESOME!...The notes are: Talc, Ambergris, Amyris, French Vanilla Bean, Japanese Sandalwood, Cedar and Oak Moss. The Notes that hit hard for me were the Talc and Ambergris then I started picking up the Sandalwood. I woke up this morning still being able to smell it. Really great stuff.
• AGHARTA Shave soap.
• AGHARTA Aftershave/cologne.
• AGHARTA Post shave balm.
• Parker 26C razor.
• Omega 6215 Silvertip Horn Badger Shaving Brush
• Crown King Victorian Western Style 12 oz. Scuttle
This was a tremendous shave gents, I will say this scent fit very well with my Aqua Di Parma Amber cologne. I hope everyone has a safe Memorial Day and let’s not forget those sacrificed their lives for our Country.

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I was looking at that soap. Sounds like another great scent from PAA. Thanks for sharing.

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