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Hi all, I mentioned a while back that I had written up a quick, down and dirty instructional that I print and include with "New Shaver Conversion Kits" but had completely forgotten to ever post it per request. Vilhauer 's thread reminded me...

As mentioned prior, I get a kick out out of gifting a razor, brush, soap and some blades as it is somewhat unusual and I enjoy it so much myself that it's cool when others join the fun.

Typically gift a TTO as many if not most have at least seen one and it is likely going to be less intimidating to change a blade.

I have attached what I have been using as a high level guide, written about 5 years ago, and if you feel it would be usual in spreading the good word- please feel free to use as well. I typically print it, collate, staple and fold so it forms a little booklet.

Again, not comprehensive but at least a starting point.

Here it is...

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Kevin, that is a great pamphlet; you did a beautiful job. Happy2
That's a good instructional pamphlet. I have to admit though I'm often guilty of not shaving after a shower. I shave in the evening most of the time and just wash my face really well prior to shaving. On weekends I shave after a shower though.

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Thanks Gents- although I still include with stuff, I have not read through it in some time. Kind of funny as it is a bit like a time capsule!

Hopefully it will prove useful to others in some way.

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That is excellent.
I wish I had your pamphlet when I started shaving.

Great pamphlet! I pointed a couple of newbies I just converted and both said I was helpful and made sense.


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(01-10-2016, 05:20 AM)momor Wrote: Great pamphlet! I pointed a couple of newbies I just converted and both said I was helpful and made sense.


That's great Monte- glad that it was helpful and thanks for the feedback!

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very cool, Kevin.

might not be a bad idea to include some instructional youtube videos in your guide!
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That is one very cool leaflet, I love it!

I have in the past got a serious kick out of giving stuff away - in particular my Dapper Dragon Custom Soap Giveaway but this is something else Kevin, great job.
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Thank you for sharing this guide Kevin, I plan to distribute it to those in needSmile

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