Evidently only available to Canadian addresses. I received an email from MensEssentials today stating Pen's has announced the Sartorial fragrance is now available and in stock at MensEssentials. I logged in and tried to put it in my shopping cart, but the product is not available to any location except Canada. Not even shown on Pen's USA or UK websites. I think it's a special early release at the present time. I like Sartorial and have the soap of course.
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Etiket.ca carries the Sartorial aftershave balm and the shaving cream. They may ship to the US.
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(10-18-2015, 01:09 AM)DeLuxeShaving Wrote: Etiket.ca carries the Sartorial aftershave balm and the shaving cream. They may ship to the US.

Thanks for the link. They only ship within Canada, and shipping is free on any order.
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I asked Phil at Bullgoose to look into this. Sartorial is among my favorite cologne scents, and the shaving soap is very good. But in my experience Penhaligon creams are even better, they have remarkable perfomance and facefeel to them. I look forward to this being released and would love to see a Sartorial aftershave splash accompany it!
I have some of this on the way. When it arrives I will do a lightweight review of it.
I used Sartorial shave cream this morning along with the Sartorial soap. Typically don't do super lathers but I hadn't reached for the soap in quite a while. I did have a great shave and applied the EdT after. Penhaligon's cream are great performers, very slick and smell amazing!

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I had the Sartorial soap but sold it due to lack of performance & have been sticking with the Pens creams (Endymion, BB, and Castile). All great performers.

I am definitely planning on getting the Sartorial cream. It's currently available on the Penhaligons site:

My Sartorial Cream came in, along with Blenheim Bouquet. I have used Pen's creams before, so I am familiar with how to build lather. Sartorial was every bit as good as I had hoped, very, very slick, great cushion.

How is the scent? Complex. I wear Sartorial EDT regularly, and have observed first hand how deep the fragrance is: what stood out to me last year is not the same as what stands out this year. It has a lot to it. Blenheim Bouquet is not like this, it is what it is, cedar and citrus.

So, the Sartorial cream is a scent match for the fragrance, but from the cream I am getting different forward notes. It is a full fragrance without being too strong. I could handle stronger, but I don't think that is what many people would want. The fragrance is definitely there throughout the shave. Tomorrow I will open Blenheim Bouquet and give it a sunny Saturday welcome.

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Wow! This isn't something you see very often: shipping, Canada Only! Big Grin
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Take that CONUS.

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