Millbrae - CA
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Millbrae - CA
The following will be will be restocked on Monday 11:00AM-PST.

Citric Janus tallow soap
Jasmine & Civet Lusso tallow soap
Tao Primus tallow shaving soap
Rejuvenating serums

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Millbrae - CA
Also on Monday January 21 at 11:00AM-PST

Remaining Mandarin and Bay jars that were held back until everyone got their orders.

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Millbrae - CA
Grooming Dept first Valentine release: Veritas (Lusso) Scent notes: Cocoa, Tobacco, Leather, Cognac, Castoreum, Tonka Bean, Osmanthus and Patchouli.

Vertias will available on February 1st, 11:00AM-PST.

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